Auto Insurance Agency Acquisition

At Newins, we actively seek opportunities to expand our footprint to bring our unique approach to personal auto insurance to more customers. Our growth model is through the acquisition of other insurance agencies, where we have an established process that’s been fine-tuned through decades of experience. We have completed successful acquisitions of single-location up to 20-location agencies with varying ranges of writing.

The Newins Difference

Our Process

To begin the process, we will need to establish a valuation of your agency. The process is simple and straight forward, and is protected by a confidentiality agreement that we both sign before we start to discuss detailed information, to put together a valuation we only need your:

What’s Next?

Upon receipt of the above information, Newins will get working on your agency valuation, this usually takes 1-2 weeks. From there we’ll discuss the valuation with you and if we’re agreeable on a purchase price, we’ll formalize it with a signed Letter of Intent (LOI) that clearly states the business terms of the deal.

Once we have a signed LOI, Newins will complete any additional diligence as necessary, and then will present you with the Asset Purchase Agreement for your attorney to look through, this will be document that is used to sell your agency.

What happens on the day of closing?

Contact us for a Valuation of Your Agency