About Newins

A Little About Us

Newins owns and operates 84 retail, non-standard auto insurance agency locations through five states under multiple brands.  We operate as Illinois Vehicle Auto Insurance in Illinois, Access Auto Insurance in Arizona and Indiana, and A-Abana Auto Insurance in Nevada and Texas.

Newins and its affiliates have been operating out of the Chicagoland area since the late 1970’s.  We focus on providing personal auto insurance to predominantly Latino communities.  We have a neighborhood, community focus and enjoy the opportunity to give back to the communities that we serve by sponsoring youth sports organizations and other community centric initiatives.

Management Philosophy

At Newins we manage with openness and constant communication. No person in a room is the smartest one, and being a good listener and humble manager is the cornerstone of our management philosophy. By maintaining strong communication, we typically don’t have meetings where the participants don’t know what is going to be discussed ahead of time, so no one is blindsided. This philosophy has allowed Newins to bring in and keep excellent talent as it allows the organization to move forward quickly and nimbly and manage any challenges that come up on a day to day basis.


At Newins, we actively seek opportunities to expand our footprint to bring our unique approach to personal auto insurance to more customers. Our growth model is through the acquisition of other insurance agencies, where we have an established process that’s been fine-tuned through decades of experience. We have completed successful acquisitions of single-location up to 20-location agencies with varying ranges of writing.

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